Commercial Office

A commercial office has to look good in spite of high footfall, office chairs cutting into the flooring, and coffee endlessly being spilled along the trek between the vending machine and the desk.

We take away the headache from changing flooring, by offering a number of options for busy facilities and building managers.

Here is what you can expect from us:

  • Minimise disruption with our night- and weekend-fitting service, which uses specialist equipment to raise furniture just enough to remove and replace flooring. All your staff need do is ensure any pyramids of files stacked on the floor are piled on their desks before they go home.
  • Incorporate your company logo and brand colours into your flooring to create a powerful, professional image.
  • Manage excessive wear and tear in one area, or nasty stains that refuse to budge, with carpet tiles.
  • Sort out niggling floor maintenance issues and repairs to ensure your health and safety record is not compromised.