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  • Tee Lowden
    Managing Director
  • Tee LowdenManaging Director

    One of Tee’s strengths is ensuring that everyone in the Golesworthy Flooring team works to the best of their ability. She believes that everyone has a part to play in building good customer relationships, putting customer needs first at every turn. Accordingly, she spends time instilling the right values and work ethics in the team, enabling it to deliver consistently high standards.

    With some projects, snags are inevitable; it is how they are dealt with that matters. Tee is made aware of any issue as it arises, and makes it her personal responsibility to ensure the right action is taken without delay and so minimize disruption to the customer.

    There is a lot of talent in our company, and it is good to see great teamwork in action. We are met with challenges every day from the variety of projects we take on. It is my mission to ensure that every customer receives the best service we can possibly deliver.”

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