Meet the team

It’s important to get the right product for the right job and with over 25 years of experience of how to use them it’s the reason why we are the premier installer for such products as Altro Whiterock.

  • Tee Lowden

    Managing Director
    Tee LowdenManaging Director

    One of Tee’s strengths is ensuring that everyone in the Golesworthy Flooring team works to the best of their ability. She believes that everyone has a part to play in building good customer relationships, putting customer needs first at every turn. Accordingly, she spends time instilling the right values and work ethics in the team, enabling it to deliver consistently high standards.

    With some projects, snags are inevitable; it is how they are dealt with that matters. Tee is made aware of any issue as it arises, and makes it her personal responsibility to ensure the right action is taken without delay and so minimize disruption to the customer.

    There is a lot of talent in our company, and it is good to see great teamwork in action. We are met with challenges every day from the variety of projects we take on. It is my mission to ensure that every customer receives the best service we can possibly deliver.”

  • Louise Golesworthy

    Sale & Customer Care Director
    Louise GolesworthySale & Customer Care Director

    Louise heads up the sales and customer service delivery team. Her priority is to build strong partnerships with clients to fully understand their needs and ensure these are met on every single job. Louise regularly meets clients to identify ways to improve the delivery experience.

    "Some clients are worried about the upheaval caused by installations, and that is where I can help – I take time to understand their concerns and work with them to find ways to keep business interruption to a minimum."

  • Tom Golesworthy

    Operations Director
    Tom GolesworthyOperations Director

    Tom has been an integral part of the company’s growth since 1999. Consequently, he understands every aspect of the business and the impact that each department has on customer service delivery. It is his job to make every project commercially viable for the client as well as the business, keeping the business sustainable. He heads up the procurement team and keeps Golesworthy Flooring up to date with the ever-growing range of products so that our customers always benefit from the most cost-effective and appropriate solutions.

    "I recently completed a project for Castle Bingo, fitting overnight so as not to disrupt their business. I was very pleased with our fitters’ professionalism, attention to detail and dedication to get the job done on time."

  • Alex Jacobs

    Finance Director
    Alex JacobsFinance Director

    Alex is responsible for finding financial solutions to meet clients’ needs. And, with so many diverse projects on the go at any time, her attention to detail and operational awareness mean jobs are completed on budget. Crucially, she keeps Golesworthy Flooring financially sound, ensuring the longevity of the company.

    "Working with clients for many years means that they come to rely on us. Thus we need to be utterly dependable. My job is to manage the company finances, leaving the team free to focus on customer service."

  • Paul Keelan

    Commercial Director
    Paul KeelanCommercial Director
  • Trish Rawding

    Business Manager
    Trish RawdingBusiness Manager
  • Jamie Coles

    Operations Manager
    Jamie ColesOperations Manager